Friday, March 01, 2013

Hippie Hodgepodge, That's Me!

I am going to be moving this blog over to very soon. When I lost my main site with the super cool name that I loved so very much - Hippie Spelunker - I had a plan to at least hold on to some semblance of the name. I was going to hang onto the Blogger blog of it.

I have now, however, decided to completely divorce myself from that lovely name. Because they are muddling it up. Schmodaddy snatched up the domain, under the name "Mary Mix", who lives at a nonexistent address. Nonexistent chick at a nonexistent address. Psh. Whatever. But now they are posting links to their spammy diet content over there and I've just decided what I probably should have decided from the get-go ...that it is time to just give them the name completely so I'm not associated with that crap.

So anyway, I'm giving ya'll fair warning. I will soon transfer this site over to Those stupid dummies. Whatever.

The cool thing is, though, that now I get to be "The Hodgepodge Girl". And I like that. I've bought three domains in the Hodgepodge family so far, and I am going to buy at least one more pretty soon.

So pooh on them, they've "given" me a blog network. I'll be takin' names and kickin' butts all over the internet.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dear Ben,

Hi +Benjamin Roethig How are you, dude? Like this better? It's a post all for you!

Hmm....maybe it should have some hot chicks in it or some smart chicks .....or some super hot, mega-smart chicks!

Lemme see...

Okay, so I googled "super hot mega smart chicks".... the first image in the results is this: Not entirely what I had in mind.

An interesting photo with a funny saying on it caught my eye, though. It led to this funny blog post: The Princess and the Pee I skipped down to the end part, where she's describing her funny mensa-referenced photo.

So we don't have some super hot chick photo, but we have a funny blog post. There ya go!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Snoopy - 18 Year Old Neighbor

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Halo 4 Vote 4 Obama Senior Skip Day

Ok, I kid, I kid. Vote for whomever you want, children. Just make sure it's Obama.

So my son (an 18yr old senior) and his buds hung out last night, went to Gamestop at midnight to each purchase their copy of Halo 4 with their AP test money. While there, they played in the tournament - one of the boys won and therefore won his copy of the game. Sweet!

They all then went back to one of the boys' house and hung out all night, playing their cherished and long-awaited game. And are now skipping school.

I'm either a really cool mom or a really terrible parent. Or maybe a little bit of both.

Two of these sweet boys will be voting today for the first time - thrills me to the core. My darling and super rotten 19yr old refused to register. He should count himself grateful that he lives five hours away from me - or his noggin would be very, very sore. Grrrr!!

 Someone even made Halo cookies for the boys! I would expect that would have been Taylor's mom, she owns a cake/cupcake business in town. Or maybe he inherited the baking gene and made them himself. Pretty cool, either way.

The boy on the couch to the right (our right) is the other Shawn - and he's the one that won his copy. Lucky kid!

The goofy, sullen kid in the desk chair at the back is my Shawn. Kinda funny they're all doing the I'M SO FREAKING EXCITED look and Shawn chose that moment to be a cool cat.
They're so cute! And isn't that room amazing? Dang! When Britt goes to college next year, I should just move in over there.

I'm really going to miss this crew next year, just like I miss Patrick's crew this year. Two of Patrick's gang do go to the college here in town, so I get to see them sometimes. Maybe a few of Shawn's will do the same. I know Shawn won't be.

He'd love to go to UCLA or UTD, but, I'm pretty sure when we're being realistic, he's probably going to invade his brother at Univ. of South Alabama. Which I think will be just awesome. Though Pat's not too thrilled. That's alright - he'll get over it. And who knows, maybe as college students together, they'll go back to the friendlier side of their relationship. Like when I used to listen to them talk for hours and hours over army men, tonka trucks, history, wars, science, and just all kinds of stuff.

Anyway, game on, sweet boys! And DON'T FORGET TO VOTE!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Music Festivals

Infographics are fun and make information easy to consume in chunks. Quite often, the ones that I see are about online marketing, social media, internet business, etc. And I'm glad of that - it really is a great way to get an overview of a giant chunk of information.

This one is really fun, though. All about the fun. It's about festivals. And it's got some really juicy tidbits on it.

It was put together by the people at EquipSupply, who provide event supplies and concession machines. Oh lawdy! That's something I have some knowledge about now, for sure! Mark (hubby) and I have been running our marching band's concession stand this year for all the football games. In fact, next week, we'll have it open ALL. DAY. LONG. on Saturday for the Little League playoffs. That's gonna be a long day. Oh my.

Anyway, so check out this cool festival infographic - it had me shocked and surprised more than once!

iPad Mini

So yeah, the iPad Mini was finally announced today. Last week, however there was a leaked iPad Mini Promo Video!

Holy cow! Check it out!

Friday, October 05, 2012

Weddings and Family and Such

My kids have gotten older, so much older. *le sigh* My boys just had a birthday and turned 18 and 19. My 18 year old keeps saying, "Mom, you have two adults!" He does it because he likes to watch me tear up and get all wishy washy sad and talk about how they were just babies and then they were just my little guys and then start sobbing. Evil child, he is.

And my daughter will be 16 in about a month. This all really just blows me away. But I was thinking recently that it would be really cool to watch our wedding tapes with them now. Maybe not all the way through, but, look at them, at least. We haven't done so since they were itty bitty.

Problem? They are on VHS and we don't have a working VCR in the house. I really need to get those things changed over to disc. I was thinking, however, it would be really fun to see how this whole noisy, tall, rambunctious family got started.

It's so weird to think of a time when our kids weren't on the planet. They really are so awesome and though our family is rambunctious and yes, even quite grumpy at times, we just love our kids so much and we are so grateful for them. They amaze us with their talents and their smarts and their adorableness. Hey, come to think of it, are you sure they're ours? Ha!

And it all started with a wonderful, pink, and lovely backyard wedding!

Here's a very interesting infographic from Moissanite: